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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Got Googled!

Has anyone notified Google? I pondered. Until now, I never really gave much consideration to how the Google people are "all knowing". Like everyone else, I just "Google". For everything and anything. Got a question? Google it. Want more information? Google it again. The searches run the gamut from cupcake ideas, to the latest kitchen gadgets to Forbes 2010 billionaires list. Guess who's in the top ten? It ain't Tiger Woods either. THE GOOGLE PEOPLE!!!! Talk about pot-luck! How old are they? Seriously, they are rolling in the dough without the flour.

The importance of Google? Very. So, my internal question raised, has anyone notified Google? What about the yellow and white pages? Too prehistoric, unnecessary? Besides, who has the time to peruse through the alphabetical pages of ads and fine print. Somebody. Let's keep it real, The Cupcake Craze is a start-up company. Better call Y & W AND 411! City and State, please...Listing...

Find me! The Good Year blimp was a stretch. But, placement on Google--MAJOR. First page listing is crucial. Some may arrow down to the second page, perhaps even the third, if they're desperate, the fourth. Beyond that you've dropped off the radar. Next search. If you're unlucky enough to land on the 18th or 19th pages. Consider purchasing the "going out of business" sign. Who goes that far? The subject matter has to be really loaded.

I had to make the call. From one All-Purpose Flour to the Unbleached En-RICHED. We spoke the same language. Sort of. You know, a BFF (in this case, in my head "only"). The
Google headquarters would hear from me! I wanted to be added to the list of "all knowing".

Now, I realize in the spectrum of the world "we" are a mere smidgen of cupcakery with big hopes and dreams, not that I would allow that to be a deterrent. I'm just saying! I will try to keep things in perspective when delivering my product dissertation. But, before I embark on that power move.

I figured, why not test it for myself. With a reputation that supersedes search engines, perhaps they already looked into their "info bubble". So, I Googled, The Cupcake Craze...
Ahem...about that call..not necessary! Damn, they're good!

posted by Nicole Friday for the Cupcake Craze

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