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hello cupcake
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Sunday, February 28, 2010


Enough--with the Vagina Monologues! [Man-Up]! At least, that's what Butch Bakery is advocating.

Picture this. Tall, dark and handsome, and man-ly. He goes by the name of Jackhammer, some call him Driller, others know him as Big Papi. Sound tempting ? Or scary? Welcome to "Butch's" place. It's where Mrs. Buttercream and Mr. Testosterone rendezvous. The daily specials include Beer Run, Tailgate and Home Run. These cupcake's got game!

The point is...men really are from Mars and women from Venus. We even see the [cupcake] world differently. Apparently, there is a gender category for cupcakes. Who knew! The cupcake by [Encarta]definition is a small iced cake, baked in a paper or foil cup, or in a cup-shaped mold. Obviously, authored by the male species. Cupcakes are, so not black and white! They're colorful...cute...and captivating. The female would write, the cupcake--a multi-hued delight, a miniature sized treat baked in fluted cups with pristine pastel frosting. There! That's better.

Admittedly, when it comes to guilty pleasures, we all have certain criteria that must be met. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! He/She (It) must have flavor, be a certain (cake) type, have the finest ingredients, tasty, fun, moist, and make us smile every time. Oh, and by the way "Mr. Cupcake" you must be in touch with your feminine side. Wink...Wink! Yes, we have high standards. Indeed.

The cupcake has been reincarnated, redone, redesigned with exceptional supercupcake strength, comfort, and powers to seduce men and women with "happy endings". The question: Is there enough to go around?

The supply and demand are weighing in. With re-orders, back orders, place orders, order now, in case you were thinking of ordering. It's covered. What's your fancy? The options are endless. Click on the navigation bar. Go to menu. Select your order, and there it is..."wait a moment while we process your order." And, remember don't press the back button.

Where does that leave us? Well, school bake sales are headed towards extinction. And, the once ALL girls club is now co-ed. As usual, [we] are irresistible. Evidently, [they] are too! The old saying goes...if you can't beat them join 'em. That's what "Butch" did! So, [Man-up]!

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cupcaking for the Gold

"Would you be interested in catering a promotional event for Sanya Richards, the track star, Olympic gold medalist?"

That's what my publicist asked me a couple of weeks ago. The details: Sanya and her bridal party will be in New York City for the weekend celebrating her upcoming nuptials. Her beau: New York Giants cornerback Aaron Ross. The wedding: Well, WeTV Platinum Weddings is covering the bling affair. The ceremony: It's all taking place in Austin, Texas. By the way, they're both graduates of the University of Texas. And, they live there. Part-time, at least. Did I mention, he plays for the Giants! The after party: 700 hundreds guests. Enough said!

So, the girls are coming to the big apple to hang! One last hurrah!! A non-stop weekend filled with fittings, fifth avenue shopping, spa-ing, private fashion shows, dining, and cupcaking! That's where I come in. Yes, I too had my very own presentation. Well, not exactly. Me, and Kevan Hall, designer to the stars. You've seen his red carpet show stoppers draped on the likes of Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty), Katherine Heigl (Grey's Anatomy); Marcia Cross (Desperate Housewives) and recently, Gabby Sidibe (Academy Award nominee-star of Precious).

Kevan's "one of a kind" and my "ready to eat" were both appetizing to the eye, and stomach. Sanya and the girls were happy to indulge. There's something about food and fashion that really gets a girl going. Agree? Men, take notes. (You're not the only ones who have ways to your heart!!!) :)

The apparent theme of the evening was filled with fun, fashion and food. It hardly ever gets better than that! It was a blast! First up, Me. I presented the cupcakes. Told the gang who "I" was, what "I" did and how "I" did it. Surprise-was the overall reaction. "You made these?"- was echoed by several. But, without hesitation they ALL dove into the tempting treats before them. Since this was a bridal celebration, I wanted to complement the occasion with the perfect festive cupcakes. The coconut cream-screams marry me. Now!

The cupcakes were eaten in unison. It was the "different" styles of eating the "same" cupcake that was interesting to watch. A few bit right in. Some ate the coconut flakes off the top as if they were eating popcorn out of a bag. Others, ate the icing first, (reminiscent of our primitive years), and the cake last. It felt like different versions of the same movie. With all the head nodding, the eye rolling and the hmmm's....this is good. It was a moment to enjoy! For me, and them!!!

After, the sugar rush. It was onto the fashion show. The room was filled with oooh's and aaah's each time the model catwalked the fall collection. The roar crescendo resonated through the room when a "show stopper" was presented. They loved everything!!! Genuinely!! I even got a dress named after me, well sort of..."the cupcake dress". "Kevan-what a delicious idea!!!" Perhaps, you can unveil it during the spring collection!!! Just a thought!

Sanya had her picks. She was ready to walk the catwalk and do the "stanky leg". Got me! Texas verbiage?? Maybe!

The highlight of the evening was a show stopper that- was untouchable. This was not a, Kevan Hall design. It was mine. Actually, it was more like a wardrobe malfunction. Before, the event began. We, "the presenters" were sitting around chatting it up. I happened to look down at my boots and noticed a design on my left boot that I didn't or couldn't see on my right boot. Could it be? Nooooo, I looked closer. Impossible!!! I asked myself, "do I have on two different boots?" Nooooooo waaaaaayyyy! How could that be? I looked closer. Subtly, I raised my pants and bent down to get a closer look.

OMG!!!!!!! I HAD ON TWO DIFFERENT BOOTS. ONE BLACK. AND, ONE CHOCOLATE. I was mortified!!!! But, began to hysterically laugh out loud. It was unbelievable!!!! Insane!!! Ridiculous!!!! I shared my new fashion statement with the gang and we all just howled. I laughed, until I cried. How does that happen??? How did I not know? I made it all the way to the affair without a clue. What a goof ball!!! Clearly, I had way to much going on. The life of a mompreneur!!! For the rest of the night- I tried to hide my feet. That was hard. I'm sure someone in Sanya's crew recognized the mix up. No one said anything-maybe they didn't notice, or they were just being polite. Maybe they thought- this broad is crazy- but her cupcakes were good!! Either way-- this one goes down in history.

At the end of the night, we all agreed...they were a great group of girls!

Thanks for sparing my feelings, ladies.

Congratulations, Sanya and Best Wishes to you and Aaron!!

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Saturday, February 13, 2010


Happy Cupcake greetings from Atlanta!

Well, not really. This past week, many of us have experienced blizzard like conditions, especially if you live in the northeast. After all, it is February. So, suffice it to say, it's to be expected. BUT, NOT IN ATLANTA!!!!!!!!! If you sense a little frustration-- you're on target. Snow requires preparation. Preparation means proper equipment. Makes sense? The south is just not equipped for 3 to 4 inches of snow. They don't have snow plows, blowers or salt trucks. Instead, they have sand trucks. But, the trucks don't sand until the snow has stopped. Therefore, EVERYTHING comes to a halt. There's no school, employees leave work, and ALL FLIGHTS ARE CANCELLED. The city shuts dowwwwn!!!

Yesterday, I arrived at the airport FIVE hours prior to my departure. My intention was to get on an earlier flight in anticipation that the later flights would be cancelled. I paid the $50.00 change fee and waited. The snow continued to accumulate. I didn't worry. Three hours later, one cancellation, then another, then another. Eventually, the arrival/departure screens were full of red letters...CANCELLED. Yet, I remained hopeful. I was determined to wait it out. After all, I had a cupcake party that I was hosting the next day, my first. It was a Valentine's Day theme. It had been planned for months. So, I had to get home. There was no alternative. Valentine's Day is February 14th-period. Santa doesn't come on December 26th. Four hours, thirty-six minutes and two seconds later, my flight was CANCELLED. Devastated is the only appropriate description.

I was re-booked on the next available flight--TWO. DAYS. LATER!!! No cupcake party!! What do I do? What do I tell the client? How could I make it up to her? What was plan B? What about my company reputation? What about my name? Would I be blacklisted before I even get started? Would she be understanding? Would she believe me?

This was headline news. Surely, everyone was tuned in including my client. It doesn't snow in the south!!! I couldn't fly the plane. I'm doomed, I thought!!!

Once, I regained my composure. I devised plan B, called the client, and braced myself for the backlash of disappointment. I, first apologized profusely. Paused. Then I dropped the bombshell. And, exhaled. Was she disappointed? Yep. Was I? Absolutely. Was she understanding? Should she have been? Well........perhaps!! If it happened to you, would you be? Honestly?

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cupkeeekes Peeeeezzzzze

The words of my almost two-year old.....cupkeeekes peeeezzze, mommy. Soooo sweet! How could I say no to such a polite lil' pumpkin. And, so cute!

I'm thrilled my kids love my cupcakes. But, they can't continue to eat the product!

Peddler 101-duh! Never...eat...your...product.

I can't even fake them out with minis. These kids are seasoned. They want super-sized only. Honestly, I have mixed emotions. I love cupcakes. Everything about them. Secretly, they're my guilty pleasure.

Not long ago, I was that girl. Still am. Sure, I had my corner. And, I'm not ashamed to admit it. I use to stand in those ridiculous lines. Who didn't? Me and the rest of the aficionados, stood patiently awaiting our favorite mini appeal to emerge from tiny vast ovens, not a typical New York scene. Really, in a city that never sleeps, no one has time to wait for anything. These days, I'm still waiting. The difference...I'm the bakery. No corners. No lines.

Cupkeeekes Peeeeezzzze......Peeeeeezzzzze, mommy. Oh, it just breaks my heart. Be strong. As parents we have responsibilities. Right? I'll caringly say, "sweetie just because you want something, doesn't mean you can have it". There! That was easy. Convincing? Now, I just have to try it on my kids. Ugh, this is going to be hard. I have to find a way to break it to them gently. Perhaps, I should start by telling them they can't help me bake anymore. Cruel. Cruel. Cruel. How can I do that? It's such great quality time. We bake, talk, share, learn, laugh, and of course, make a huge mess. Perhaps they're just appeasing me to get closer to the prize. Hmm...that wouldn't surprise me. Kids are pretty clever and calculated. Whatever the underlying agenda, still it would be unfair to deny them. Wouldn't it?

With their tongues wagging and panting...."I want cupkeeeekes peeeeezzze, mommy"......yummEEEE.......shouts my two-year old. Dee--eeli--cious....repiles my four-year old. I can't bare the disappointment.
That's it, I'm toast! My kids will end up in cupcake rehab. Fiends. And, it's all my fault. I can't do it. Like the rest if us, they'll blame it on their childhood. That's the American way.
I have to get a grip. I'm in control. I'm the parent. Here it goes..."sorry kids, mommy has to deny you of the perfect indulgence. It hurts me more than you'll ever know. You have your whole life ahead of you...take your time. It's for the best".

I love you,

p.s. Rejection is not easy. With the right help (or couch), they'll recover! Won't they?

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