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Sunday, July 3, 2011


In the July issue of Essence magazine, the article reads: CUPCAKE BOSS. Gotta love that! I mean, who wouldn't?! It's such a flattering opener to a story about oneself. And, I had absolutely nothing to do with it. Still, I couldn't help but wonder how the magazine staff settled on the title. But, then again, does it really matter?! Nope.

Before the magazine hit the stands a couple of weeks ago, I never thought about circulation stats. That is, until my Facebook and Twitter followers doubled. Can't say that I'm on the heels of Lady Gaga with FIVE MILLION followers or anything remotely close to that figure. But, for me, the numbers have definitely increased a few digits. Randomly, I receive notices....John Smith is now following you....Jane Adams is too! WHO?? Then, I think, oh, Essence---right....

Even, the inquiries in my inbox come more frequently. Clearly, a little bit of press can take you to another level, of baking, in my case. I've received a few request for out-of-state shipping. We're not there yet, but it's a real consideration now.

The article is about FIVE ways to mix passion with profit:

1. Be Inspired

2. Have a Mission

3. Set Daily Goals

4. Garner Support

5. Recharge Every Quarter

The fifth one is my favorite. Every three months, I go into what I call "mommy lockdown", I check out of my daily routine (family, business, friends etc..) and check into a hotel for 36 hours with NO external communication. Basically, call me only if "SOMEONE" is on fire. If it's the house, call the fire department. Selfishly, it's my veg out time. DO-NOT-DISTURB exudes from my inner core. With pleasure, I order room service, enjoy spa treatments (that's plural), read Essence magazine. And, simply RECHARGE. Honestly, it's the best way for me to stay balanced.

I highly recommend the "lockdown" retreat. And, it's one unisex fits all. So, moms and dads, check your balance. Perhaps, it's time for you to RECHARGE!!!

See you at the chateau!

posted by Nicole Friday for the Cupcake Craze
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