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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bread & Butter Cupcake "copy"

For me, bread and butter are the beginning, middle and now "the end" of any course. Have you ever heard of "Bread & Butter Pudding"? OH. MY. GOD!! I got a taste of that sweet life while on a culinary retreat in the islands. By the way, anytime food meets my world, it's a "culinary retreat." It was unbelievable. Besides cupcakes, I have never tasted anything so darn good. Like every course, the server highly recommended the dessert. We took our chances repeatedly. It's so frustrating when restaurants serve up great entrees, then fall apart at dessert. We risked it all. And, unanimously decided to share the pudding. BIG MISTAKE. Never have I felt the desire to stab my comrades with a fork. The pudding was sooooo delicious, it made me selfishly and childishly want to hog the dish and yell, "no mine." I literally wanted to stick my face in the pudding as if I were bobbing for apples and give it a "Mr. Clean" shine. Down to the last drop we scowled at the sight of another fork gesturing towards the plate to experience more of the silky smooth delight. It was a valuable lesson learned. In the future, I will cautiously commit to family style sharing.

With most desserts I encounter, I consider the test kitchen. Subconsciously, I'm always looking for new desirable treats. This was no different. Each time I dove into the pudding, I felt an uncontrollable urge to sift, whisk and bake. I wanted to taste every ingredient to make a cerebral shopping list. Unfortunately, I hadn't cleared out the history and cookies in my mental save drive, so in the absence of paper I jotted down a few notes in the palm of my hand. To say the least, the sous chef wasn't eager to share his secret killer recipe. So, I left it up to the speckled taste buds wagging inside my mouth and avoided washing my hands.

I held onto the delicious memory of my encounter with the "Bread & Butter Pudding" until returning to the states. I transferred the list to my journal and washed my hands of any unsolicited germs. First chance, I ordered the necessary ingredients for my creation. The delivery should be any day now. Meanwhile, the test kitchen awaits. I am eager to try my new recipe. I'm sure it will be a few trial and errors, but I am hopeful that the smooth taste of my new "Bread & Butter Pudding Cupcake" will be more than desired.

I'll keep you posted.

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