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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

And the winner is...

And the winners are...was written in the subject line. It was an undisclosed eblast. I assumed all the participants of the battle received the news. It was "the" email from Macy's. Just about three weeks had past and not a word. I tried to convince myself that winning didn't really matter as much as knowing I did my best. Huh! So much for that.

Isn't it always about winning? Ask Lebron James!!!

I refused to concede just because I was up against one of New York City's most famous bakeries!!! Some say "they" are responsible for starting the whole Cupcake Craze. Seemingly, that would be a recipe for intimidation. Not! Even if that were true- I love a challenge. Colossal or mini. Pun intended. So what if "they" consistently have lines wrapped around several blocks on sixth avenue. Did it really matter that cupcake aficionados would travel cross country just to indulge in a certain bakeries handheld treats? Sure "they" have even been on the Martha Stewart Show, shipped cupcakes to Oprah, visited by Hollywood's finest etc... etc... ! Really, what was the big deal? "I" was the "mom minus the pop" shop. A start-up. So was Google once upon a time!!! Where are they now? Ha!

By the way, "they" are famed Magnolia Bakery.

This was the real life Cupcake Wars...no edits, cuts, takes, do-overs, wardrobe, hair or makeup. Just raw footage. Oh, did I mention that both my parents earned Master's Degrees in child psychology with a speciality in self-confidence fortification. Perhaps, I could blame my optimism on them. Either way, I enthusiastically accepted the challenge. Crazy or Brave? We'll see...

As I scrolled down to the winners...I moved closer to the screen, slide to the edge of my seat and read every letter that formed each word. I wanted to be sure I didn't misread, misconstrue, misunderstand or encounter any of the other misses. Instead, I inhaled the entire email as if I were Vanna White turning over yet another appetizing vowel. Then, I read it again. I refused to be a victim of fine print.

It read...

"A special thank you to all of our wonderful chefs who participated in the Battle of the Summer Favorites! The competition was stiff and the judges were impressed by everything that was dished out! It was a great month long event that excited customers and the store and after tallying all of the votes, I'm pleased to announce the following winners!"

Battle of the Crabcakes:
Chef Matthew Hughes, Blue Water Grill

Battle of the Burgers:
Chef Brian O'Donohue, Primhouse

Battle of the Guacamole:
Chef Scott Linquist, Dos Caminos


Battle of the Cupcakes:
Nicole Friday, The Cupcake Craze


SHUT. UP.!!!!!


I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to all of you who voted for me. I'm so excited!!!!!!

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