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Friday, February 18, 2011

Cupcake vs. Cupcake

The CW called. Way Cool! The first season they contacted me, admittedly I was quite intimidated. I wasn't ready. And, I didn't have enough bakers experience to convince myself, otherwise. In order to battle on the front-lines, I knew that I had to be equipped with the weapons of sweet destruction. The classic homemakers kitchen-aid, a few whisks, spatulas and the Betty Crocker spirit wasn't tough enough. I had to UP my game. What I needed--was a BADASS RESUME!

At the time, I had a few notches on my belt with the weekly column on Essence and the feature on Brides. If nothing else, the publications gave me--oomph! The question: could I go against the "best of the best" in the cupcake war? On the surface, presentation, skill, and flavor, would undoubtedly be the categories graded. What about the less tangible: personality, and confidence? I had 3 out of 5. I'm competitive and I love a challenge. I've never turned down a chance to wax my husband in Pac-Man. Ask him! His defense may resemble, "that's a girlie game". WHAT-EVERRRRR!

After several months of beating, mixing and piping, my professional experience had grown to a competitive level. "Lean On Me" was no longer a song in my play list. Now, I would be a serious contender. A few, at my demonstrations and instructor classes, quietly promoted the notion: "You should be on the CW." I figured, they were just being polite. Honestly, I never really considered, nor did I pursue everyone Else's idea.

Until now....Seaon 3. Apparently, a video of my demo, circulated. Let that be a lesson--be careful what you record. But, was I ready? The casting description read: calling all bakers, store owners, caterers, pastry chefs etc... Was that me? I guess. After all, I am the chef/owner of The Cupcake Craze...

Success is when preparedness meets opportunity. Here was the opportunity...I was prepared, but, the timing was less than favorable. Unfortunately, there were too many prior commitments that stood between me and the flour power. Once again, I had to decline. Shucks- maybe next time!

posted by Nicole Friday for the Cupcake Craze

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