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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hostess with the Mostess, Kaputt!

Do you have a "happy list'? I like the idea of having a "happy" rather than a "bucket" list. I'm much more interested in living happy than kicking the bucket. How about you? The other day I shared with my husband some of the things that are "must haves" in my life. Of course, the kids, him, Christian Louboutin's (just kidding) etc... For the most part, the list is pretty repetitious: Comedy is #1. Laughter is joy, I love it--A LOT, the bent over-crying hysterically kind- LOL, LMAO, LMFAO.....you get it! It's the absolute best. Hands down or in the air. LOL!! See what I mean?!

#2: hanging around happy people. It's contagious. And, so is unhappy, I try to keep my distance. I'm sure you understand.

#3: yummy foods-mmm...

I was listening to the radio the other day, I think it was Z100, my six-year old loves Elvis Duran in the morning. We totally blast Rihanna while driving to school bopping our heads, my 4-year old included(singing and dancing would probably be #4 - Ohhhhhh, if I could REALLY sing and dance--move over "Beyonce" LMAO, there I go again!!!). Seriously, they were talking about smells of foods that make you feel good or childhood favorites that bring you to that place of nostalgic heaven: bacon, sunscreen, Mickey D's french fries. I was totally shaking my head in agreement while the callers rattled off their lists. In my opinion, Twinkies, the Hostess with the Mostess would definitely make the list. The loaf-shaped golden spongy, springy, cream-filled cake has seduced millions over the decades: children AND adults. C'mon admit it? Back in the day, my grandmother would surprise me with Twinkies in my Wonder Woman lunch box--O.M.G.--that was the BEST!!! With every bite my smile grew wider. Remember those days?

My kids will never know the power of Twinkies, Ding Dongs or Suzy Q's. Hostess tried to keep up with the cupcake craze, renaming their chocolate cake: CupCakes. But, 39 INGREDIENTS in just one Twinkie? Eh-eh, the Hostess brands didn't have a chance. With sustainability at its best, farm to table, and natural healthy ingredients. It's a different time--Twinkie! Consequently, the Hostess giant recently filed for bankruptcy protection.

Can you remember the last time you ate a Twinkie? Well, if you feel the urge and it's still somewhere buried on your childhood "happy" list, run out right now while there's still time. Perhaps, you'll be lucky enough to have a scented flashback and walk down memory lane in the supermarket.

Best Wishes!

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