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Thursday, December 30, 2010

A look back at "The Cupcake Craze" 2010

It seems like yesterday when I sat down with my husband during a random "home movie night" and shared my cupcake idea. We never actually watched the movie. But, thanks to those bogus "no late fees" from Blockbuster, we now own it, along with the others. Guess we have plenty of time. Ha!

Instead, we sat in our usual "reserved" spots on our everyday suede couch and hashed out the concept, tossed around a few company names, and settled on The Cupcake Craze. Ultimately, I repositioned myself in front of my laptop sitting on my wooden chocolate-colored chair with my fingers searching domains. The search returned-available!! I reported back to my husband across the room-the good news. That was only half the battle. The birthing process was just beginning. There would be a long road between contractions, breathing exercises and finally, postpartum. The Cupcake Craze would be my third child. Sort of. With an estimated due date (or launch) set for March 2010, I was still in my first trimester. Time sure did fly, even through labor pains. Is that possible? Nope! Anyway, it was time to push this baby out! The banner no longer read "coming soon". The Cupcake Craze had arrived!!

The unofficial "start-up" arguably may have been, the "Cupcake of the Week" column on Essence.com. Photos courtesy of "JF." Then, of course, there was the feature on Brides.com. It was a cake test judged by a group of epicureans who decided which six cupcake flavors, created by "me" were most suitable for a destination, winter or summer wedding. The editorials gave me a jump start into the culinary world. Basically, they put me on the map. And, instantly made me a "caterer". Of what? Didn't matter, I went with it!

The "site"--gave me a home. A landing zone. A marketplace. Credibility!!!!!! And, the editorial coverage, well that certainly helped! Before I knew it, I was off to the races landing demonstrations at some of New York's most prestigious locales. Eventually, I was promoted from "caterer" to "chef" then "chef/owner". Great! Inadvertently, I was building a culinary resume-- Greater!!!

Architectural Digest Home Design Show March 2010 (FIRST EVER DEMO--SCARED STRAIGHT!!)

Macy's Herald Square July 2010 (BATTLE OF THE CUPCAKES--WINNER!!!!)

New York Botanical Garden August 2010 (OUTSIDE DEMO--HOTTEST SUMMER DAY OF 2010)

Whole Foods Market September 2010 (CUPCAKE KIDS--CUTE!!)

Williams-Sonoma October 2010 (MY FAVORITE STORE!!!)

New York Botanical Garden October 2010 (MUCH COOLER DAY- ENCORE DEMO!!!)

Williams-Sonoma November 2010 (MY FAVORITE STORE, AGAIN!!)

P.G. Chambers School November 2010 (LIFESTYLE SERIES!!)

Neiman Marcus December 2010 (400 HUNDRED CUPCAKES--WOW!!!!)

Bloomingdales December 2010 (HOLIDAY FUN!!!!)

Oh yeah, and the cupcake orders. I had lots of referrals, some random, others from the demos--the question I repeatedly asked, "so how'd you hear about us?" Funny how things happen. I never expected to make that question a part of my vocal repertoire.

Then, there was the on again...off again...on again...and finally, off again booking on LXTV. The producer LOOOOOOOVVVVVVVED the cupcakes!!!!!!! So what happened?????? IDK!!!!!

The year was definitely a sweet one and I'm looking forward to an even sweeter journey in 2011.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!

PS. check out photos on www.facebook.com/thecupcakecraze
posted by Nicole Friday for The Cupcake Craze

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