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hello cupcake
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cupcake Mission

It was like a blind date. Sort of. I was persuaded. Grudgingly I agreed. For me, it was the superior mission that kept me motivated. We've all been there. Agree to something that simply makes us regurgitate at the very thought. Indeed, I said "yes"! Not that I had a choice. It was a friend of a friend thingy. So, I gritted and smiled at the cameras. It was three minutes, at most. Grant it, a long three minutes. I kept my eyes on the bigger picture. The optimistic pay off. The end result. The walk down the aisle or in this case the runway.

Before, hitting the catwalk, I made a special delivery to the producers. An afternoon sweet snack is simply irresistible. The Red Velvet cupcakes with swirled cream cheese frosting was all the buzz around the studio. Who? What? Where...echoed throughout the hallways while the makeup artist tweezed my untamed eyebrows to perfection.

First, I had to fulfill my commitment. Done. Then, it was all about my personal assignment. Still dressed as if I just walked out of Vogue's fashion closet and Revlon's makeup studio, I introduced myself as the "cupcake lady". I'm rarely forgotten that way. Hey, whatever works! I happily distributed my business cards, answered the previous who, what, where questions and entertained any others. At that moment, I was an open book. The floor was mine. Perhaps, they were all delirious from the sugar rush. Not sure....wasn't important! With my hand raised and my bright whites beaming, I asked enthusiastically, "anymore questions????."

The next business day, I followed up. I emailed all 52 people I met. My cardholder was filled with random names none of which had mine on it. Didn't matter as long as one person responded. Preferably a decision maker. But, I'm begging not choosing. So, whatever. I received, ONE.....it said, "I LOOVVVVVVE YOUR CUPCAKES'!!!!!! From.....the producer. Wow!!!!

.....the return invitation. Of course, minus the arm twisting.

Mission accomplished! Stay tuned......

posted by Nicole Friday for the Cupcake Craze
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