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hello cupcake
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Saturday, February 13, 2010


Happy Cupcake greetings from Atlanta!

Well, not really. This past week, many of us have experienced blizzard like conditions, especially if you live in the northeast. After all, it is February. So, suffice it to say, it's to be expected. BUT, NOT IN ATLANTA!!!!!!!!! If you sense a little frustration-- you're on target. Snow requires preparation. Preparation means proper equipment. Makes sense? The south is just not equipped for 3 to 4 inches of snow. They don't have snow plows, blowers or salt trucks. Instead, they have sand trucks. But, the trucks don't sand until the snow has stopped. Therefore, EVERYTHING comes to a halt. There's no school, employees leave work, and ALL FLIGHTS ARE CANCELLED. The city shuts dowwwwn!!!

Yesterday, I arrived at the airport FIVE hours prior to my departure. My intention was to get on an earlier flight in anticipation that the later flights would be cancelled. I paid the $50.00 change fee and waited. The snow continued to accumulate. I didn't worry. Three hours later, one cancellation, then another, then another. Eventually, the arrival/departure screens were full of red letters...CANCELLED. Yet, I remained hopeful. I was determined to wait it out. After all, I had a cupcake party that I was hosting the next day, my first. It was a Valentine's Day theme. It had been planned for months. So, I had to get home. There was no alternative. Valentine's Day is February 14th-period. Santa doesn't come on December 26th. Four hours, thirty-six minutes and two seconds later, my flight was CANCELLED. Devastated is the only appropriate description.

I was re-booked on the next available flight--TWO. DAYS. LATER!!! No cupcake party!! What do I do? What do I tell the client? How could I make it up to her? What was plan B? What about my company reputation? What about my name? Would I be blacklisted before I even get started? Would she be understanding? Would she believe me?

This was headline news. Surely, everyone was tuned in including my client. It doesn't snow in the south!!! I couldn't fly the plane. I'm doomed, I thought!!!

Once, I regained my composure. I devised plan B, called the client, and braced myself for the backlash of disappointment. I, first apologized profusely. Paused. Then I dropped the bombshell. And, exhaled. Was she disappointed? Yep. Was I? Absolutely. Was she understanding? Should she have been? Well........perhaps!! If it happened to you, would you be? Honestly?

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