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hello cupcake
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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cupkeeekes Peeeeezzzzze

The words of my almost two-year old.....cupkeeekes peeeezzze, mommy. Soooo sweet! How could I say no to such a polite lil' pumpkin. And, so cute!

I'm thrilled my kids love my cupcakes. But, they can't continue to eat the product!

Peddler 101-duh! Never...eat...your...product.

I can't even fake them out with minis. These kids are seasoned. They want super-sized only. Honestly, I have mixed emotions. I love cupcakes. Everything about them. Secretly, they're my guilty pleasure.

Not long ago, I was that girl. Still am. Sure, I had my corner. And, I'm not ashamed to admit it. I use to stand in those ridiculous lines. Who didn't? Me and the rest of the aficionados, stood patiently awaiting our favorite mini appeal to emerge from tiny vast ovens, not a typical New York scene. Really, in a city that never sleeps, no one has time to wait for anything. These days, I'm still waiting. The difference...I'm the bakery. No corners. No lines.

Cupkeeekes Peeeeezzzze......Peeeeeezzzzze, mommy. Oh, it just breaks my heart. Be strong. As parents we have responsibilities. Right? I'll caringly say, "sweetie just because you want something, doesn't mean you can have it". There! That was easy. Convincing? Now, I just have to try it on my kids. Ugh, this is going to be hard. I have to find a way to break it to them gently. Perhaps, I should start by telling them they can't help me bake anymore. Cruel. Cruel. Cruel. How can I do that? It's such great quality time. We bake, talk, share, learn, laugh, and of course, make a huge mess. Perhaps they're just appeasing me to get closer to the prize. Hmm...that wouldn't surprise me. Kids are pretty clever and calculated. Whatever the underlying agenda, still it would be unfair to deny them. Wouldn't it?

With their tongues wagging and panting...."I want cupkeeeekes peeeeezzze, mommy"......yummEEEE.......shouts my two-year old. Dee--eeli--cious....repiles my four-year old. I can't bare the disappointment.
That's it, I'm toast! My kids will end up in cupcake rehab. Fiends. And, it's all my fault. I can't do it. Like the rest if us, they'll blame it on their childhood. That's the American way.
I have to get a grip. I'm in control. I'm the parent. Here it goes..."sorry kids, mommy has to deny you of the perfect indulgence. It hurts me more than you'll ever know. You have your whole life ahead of you...take your time. It's for the best".

I love you,

p.s. Rejection is not easy. With the right help (or couch), they'll recover! Won't they?

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