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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cupcake Survey Exposed

Yep! Me too. I belong to one of those mom "support group" organizations. If you're a mom, than you know how helpful, insightful and just plain fun they can be. No kids, no husbands, moms only. Well, at least most of the time. Every now and then, the family is invited. This weekend, we had a moms only event. I hosted the affair at my house. It was really nice. We enjoyed food, wine, desserts (cupcakes, of course!)chatter. About 25 women or more attended. Of course, we conversed about husbands, children. Although they weren't invited, there simply is no escaping the subject. Since, it was at my house, I gave my family specific orders, "the ladies will be arriving around 2pm- should be over at 5pm, please quietly exit through the back door". But, kids will be kids. My eldest, who just looooovvvves the ladies. Yes, it's started already, pray for me....and he's only four! Inquisitively, he crept around the room to get a glimpse of the mommies "lady friends", as he calls them. I felt like I was watching an episode of backyardigans "Le master of disguise". The only thing missing were his comrades: Pablo, Tyrone and Uniqua. It was funny to see him so curious. Before long, they were off to funplex. And, it was back to the "women's club."

I decided to turn the meet & greet (that was the official name), it's where old and new members come together and "meet", into a focus group. I couldn't resist. With 82 yummy cupcakes adorned on a five-tier tower waiting to be indulged...what better time, than the present. Especially since, The Cupcake Craze (that's my gourmet cupcake company- as if you didn't know) will be launching soon. I definitely seized the moment, once again. Meet & greet, eat some treats while you're at it tell me what you think. Perfect- right! I passed out the surveys. Gave my little spiel on the cupcakes, seven different flavors that were on the cupcake tower. Gone-poof! I'm pleased to report. Even before, the survey was distributed, my analysis of the "cupcakes gone missing" were a tale tell sign. Clearly, someone like 'em!

Let the taste test begin! The ladies filled out the anonymous surveys--exposing their honest opinions. Was I really ready for the truth? Will it hurt? Ouch. Two people, even included their names. Bold. I read those last. Never could take criticism, even constructive. Could this change my feelings about the group? Maybe next time, I'll invite my husband and kids for support. Perhaps, we'll form our own "moms, two kids and one husband group" Huh, that'll show them.

Soon enough, I learned my posse wouldn't be necessary. The surveys were WONDERFUL!!! Raved reviews....

"It made me want to dance"

"The presentation, and such rich flavors"

"Moist cake, soft and yummy"

"Soooooo tasty!"

"Good flavor! beautiful presentation"

Bring on the cupcake awards!!! So, glad I had that idea. Stay tuned for more to come...

Thanks again, Mommies

posted by Nicole Friday for the Cupcake Craze

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