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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cupcake Re-shoot

Who knew? Last weekend, we did a photo shoot for my website. Not the self portrait. For the cupcake flavors. "We", as in me and him (my hubby) figured, why hire professionals with all the training we've amassed from various job related industries and a few recreational classes, why not "do it ourselves"? We identified the roles. Made sure we were comfortable. And, proceeded to pull together the cupcake shoot. The M & H (me & him) team included a food stylists, art director, editor and photographer. In today's world, that's about right- four jobs/two people. Guess we weren't too far off!

Without a doubt, we were committed to getting the perfect shots. We shopped craft stores, economically-friendly retail suppliers, department stores, we even managed to rediscover useless items in our basement. So, we thought. The kitchen pantry was like a kid in the candy store, or in this case a cupcake shop. Whatever, wherever we could find something, anything that could be a prop was a prop. We were thrifty at best.

Thank goodness, my husband had long ago invested in a "good" camera. A professional camera. With some recreational classes, a few "I'll take this job and use it as a resume builder", some props and egos aside. Shoooooot...we were set!

C'mon, admit it. We've all accepted jobs we reeaa--lly didn't want. Thank goodness- right! At the time, couldn't see past those lack of zeros in your pay check, and all that filing- ugh!! But, baby steps are necessary. Thank God, for walking shoes 'cause I walked on out of every single one of those resume builders. Now, my experience includes, art director, stylist, editor, booker, and yes still gofer. Some things are hard to avoid.
Who knew? I surprised myself with all the knowledge I gained during my tenure. This weekend was proof. Call time: 9am. Location: Studio Spencer aka "our house". We shot in the sun room. Why? By default, it's the sunniest room in the house. Since neither of us are skilled in lighting technique nor do we own any equipment, it was a no brainer. We used color boards from a local arts and crafts store to create the mood. A couple of forks from the kitchen drawer, some lemons, mini marshmallows, basically, anything that could be transformed into an aesthetically appealing prop, was part of the ensemble.

My chameleon capabilities were often shared with my hubby-food stylist, art director....dare I put on the photographers hat. Not a chance. Photography is hard to fake- either you got it or you don't. And, I don't. I'm comfortable in my skin and confident enough to know when to step away from the camera. Of course, I know what works and doesn't, but the actual functionality of the lens, flash...blah-blah-blah- nope, not me.

Overall, it was lots of fun. We even played a game of who could grab the most fallen crumbs off the cupcakes. I got it first. No, that was mine. Hands off! Forgetting this was a family affair, we almost pleaded, "LET GO OF MY CUPCAKE"!!!!!!!! Focus here. We jumped around the room, playing an ol' time baby game of peek-a-boo with the sun. Whom by the way, was really uncooperative. Now...we needed a professional. Unfortunately, neither of us had ever taken a lighting class and, NO it was not part of the resume building gigs. Boy, were we sorry. Needless to say, we were at the mercy of the sun rays. After we had enough of "Catch Me If You Can". We wrapped the shoot. Then, it was editing time. After hundreds of snaps, we managed to come up with TWO really strong photos. TWO!!!!! Can you imagine the disappointment. For a second, we thought maybe we really didn't know???? No, we figured, we really did, and that's why there are RE-SHOOTS! Thank God for cheap labor!

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  1. Now that was funny.....I could just picture the scenario around this event. Long Live the Cupcake!!!!!


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