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hello cupcake
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a new flavor resolution

Ahhh- a new year!!

For some, it means out with the old, in with the new. The resolutions pour in every day, hour, and second in January, by mid-February, close to all or at least most are simply forgotten. Hmm-what was my "new years'" resolution again? Dedicated, we vow to give-up this, that, and the other, but some things are not up for discussion or compromise. For me, well--I'm sure you can guess what that is... I mean, really! I only talk, bake, eat, dream about cupcakes 365 days of the year. I, clearly, have noooo plans of committing myself to rehab. And, give up the craze? Eh-eh, can't do it. Frankly, I'm enjoying the high.

Like many, I consider this the most celebrated time of the year..start fresh, a new beginning, new dreams etc... It's a time to rejoice for yet another chance to do-it-all-over or just do more of "IT". In my case, doing more of "IT", sounds more fitting. While many are reciting the polite ritual "happy new year," my one liner is presented a little differently. The title seems to sum up an entire season of tasty treats.

Here's a snapshot into my year...

Classic chocolate and vanilla in position to my right. Red velvet swirled a mile-high with a cherry kiss sitting pretty and sassy off to the side. Coconut cream adorned with a bouquet of white coconut flakes on top. Sweet potato, as sweet as she can be, with her toasted marshmallow coat hanging back. Lemon Meringue moist and tangy awaiting her cue, and Apple Walnut Crumb sizing up her admirers.

With all gourmet players in place, anxiously awaiting their big debut, they are fancifully decorated and ready to be served. At that moment, I step center stage and joyfully shout "happy cupcaking to everyone." That's "IT". Simple, sweet and no fuss. It's all about the presentation, that's the big sell.

So, there you have it, scenes change, flavors emerge and I do more of "IT" again and again. For the next 300 + days, I continue to rehearse my short narration with different cast members, but all very sweet and perfectly sized. Like I said, giving up the cupcake craze is definitely not part of my 2010 new years resolution, quite the contrary!

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