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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"We're Open For Business"

We've launched!!! We're Open for Business!!! Now what? It's one of those "hurry up and wait" sort of things. It's the norm in fashion, radio, tv and film. In an industry where there is hair & make-up, directors, producers, talent etc...there's a lot of moving pieces to coordinate. In the cupcake world, you have three...Ready. Set. BAKE. Hardly, a complex movement. Now, that's not to say I haven't put in the hours. My family can attest to that. Thanks fam for your love and support! I owe you some really special cupcakes! Smooches.

For days, weeks, months, we've grinded it out. I have to give kudos to my web designer (artoftanishasmith@gmail.com). She's got stamina. We've been around the world or the web a hundred times or more. Whew! I can be so indecisive. Maybe creative is more appropriate. I never really saw myself as a perfectionist or pest! Oops, did I say that? I'm just passionate, that's all.

So far, I've received some really cool feedback from the site. Apparently, a few of you have seen it. In case, you haven't here you go http://www.thecupcakecraze.com/. By the way, "We're Open for Business". Lol! Since the launch, I've received tons of inquiries. Several orders and lots of "cupkeeeekkeesse peeeeezzze, mommy" from my kids. It's pure torture for them. Mommy, apologizes in advance. Bring on the orders!!! Having an event? We're the perfect guilty pleasure.

Even the search engines are the craze. Call me a late bloomer. I avoided the whole facebook, twitter thing long enough. Whenever someone invited me to join. I responded with. Ignore. So not interested! I've since succumbed. Mainly, because my publicist told me I had to. For the business, of course. I'm still navigating my way through. Who has time for all that? The mompreneur thing has got me strapped.

Inevitably, you can catch me tweeting (www.twitter.com/thecupcakecraze.com) or facebooking (www.facebook.com/thecupcakecraze.com). Blogging, I sort of get. My husband argues, is there anything sacred anymore. Sure it is. Just nothing I write about!

This weekend, a blogger inquired about the company and the menu. She asked, if we had a store. I explained to her that we are not a retail establishment, but a catering company. I told her our slogan, "your favorite desserts turned cupcake." Her response, "they sure are, as a matter of fact, I wanted to eat everyone on your menu". Love that! I asked her how she heard of us. She said, on facebook. Go figure!
The Cupcake Craze launched a week and three days ago. I have 27 facebook followers and 9 twitter followers. Wow!! Funny thing is, I have no idea who any of these people are!! Well, maybe a few. Does it really matter? I'm just siked! But now, there's this responsibility and pressure thing. It's like a fan base. Right? Stop me when I've gone too far. I feel like I have to write something clever every time. Engaging the audience is key. Even, I, who fought the facebook, twitter craze, don't want to bore my loyal followers. God forbid they unsubscribe!

At least, I could still post, "We're Open for Business"?

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