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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Working "Cupcake" Date

It started out as "just a date." Instead, it became a working lunch. For me, at least. Four days before, our "date day", we were ambivalent. The movies--boring. Dinner--don't want to talk about the kids! Broadway Show--so not a cheap date! We tossed around a few ideas, all following tentative. MoMA was a consideration. Definitely, far from the usual. Not a first thought, nonetheless, a cultural experience is always broadening.

I jotted it down in our [His & Hers] couples calendar. Prior to "date day", I researched the Internet and perused through past issues of the New York Times (the ones you swear you'll read at some point). I noticed an advertisement for the Architectural Digest Home Design Show happening the same weekend as our "date". Perfect. Since, it was ultimately my decision, according to him. It was decided. The lineup included exhibits, designer seminars, free consultations AND, a culinary pavilion!!!! The chefs featured were from the "hottest spots" in New York City restaurants. Bingo. We were SO there!

I visited the site http://www.archdigesthomeshow.com/ to find out ticket & registration, hours etc... Since our rendezvous was settled, I became more curious about the culinary demos. I needed more information. With three days to go, the participants were confirmed. But, what about next year? Does the company produce other events that showcase culinary demos? The rhetorical questions continued. The answers were essential. Thus, I called to inquire about the contact. I wanted to share my information for future events. And, why not? I had nothing to lose and maybe a demo to gain.

Later, I left a message for the director. We exchanged a game of tag. Eventually, speaking the day after. She asked the who, what, where questions, and I responded enthusiastically. She requested that I email here my contact information for future events. That was enough for me. Mission accomplished. I continued the day as scheduled. Checking her off my "to do" list.

That night, around 9pm, I sent it. At 9:45pm, I called it a night. I was exhausted. About, 6:45am, my two alarm clocks (boy 1 and boy 2) awakened. I wiped the sleep from my eyes. Stretched every ligament in my body until they snapped, crackled and popped. Had a solo meeting in the "ladies room". Then, proceeded downstairs with my crumb snatchers. Got their bowls of cereal. Turned on my blackberry. Browsed my emails. There was a response from the "director lady" of the Architectural Digest Home Design Show. It read: delivered. Great! At 10:30pm, about an hour after I sent my initial email, another posted. I clicked open...

"I had a cancellation for Friday 12-1pm, do you have any interest in doing a culinary demo?" That was her reply. I reacted...What? I paused. Meditated. Allowed the heavens and earth to come together. Yes, all of that, and then some. Before long, the kids began to harmonize, "mommy, mommy." The entire 3 minutes felt like excitement and fear were erupting towards the finish line. I had to respond without seeming anxious or desperate. This was HUGE!!!

Victoriously, I battled the sparing match. Maintained my composure. And responded, with...AB-SO-LU-TE-LY!!!! She replied immediately...FANTASTIC!!!!! I'll have my assistant contact you with all the details. SHUT. YOUR. MOUTH!!!

Did I just get booked to do the Architectural Digest Home Design Show? Yep.

The details: please arrive at 11am. Prepare a tasting for 75-100 people. Poggen Pohl is the sponsor. The kitchen is equipped with....

Say no more. I was off and baking.

It was Friday, my premier "cupcake demo". I was accompanied by a few unwanted butterflies that shadowed my every step. It was like an annoying fly that you keep missing with the folded newspaper or magazine. Where's the "butterfly" swat when you need it?

We (the butterflies and I) emerged from the darkness of the tunnel into sunshine city. I hoped the beauty of the sun would entice the butterflies to find another garden. No such luck. Mine was fine. Before, I proceeded to Pier 94, I confronted the unwanted "beauties". Next, I stepped out of my comfort zone into Martha Stewart's shoes for the day.

I arrived at the Pier. Prepped. And, stayed poised. There were about seventy or so tastemakers. Several preferred orchestra seating. Others, mezzanine was sufficient. Some onlookers were satisfied with standing room only.

The tech guy fitted the wrap around microphone on my head. We did a sound check...testing, testing... all was good. We were ready to roll.

The sponsor gave the intro... turned the show over to me....the butterflies had left the building....

"Hi everybody, my name is......,and Welcome to The Cupcake Craze".
posted by Nicole Friday for the Cupcake Craze

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