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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Reese's Peanut-Butter Cup-cakes

Remember the famous Reese's old adage "you put your peanut butter in my chocolate," "you put your chocolate in my peanut butter." How many of us have recited that jingle? Well, if you haven't heard "retro", "throwback", "ole' school", "back in the day", however described, it's all in style again. I like to call it the "new old." Because really, haven't we all been there before. I decided to put my own spin on, "who did what to whom and how"--well, maybe not the how part- this is a family blog. I even took the time to produce a jingle for my peanut butter and chocolate premiere. And, let's just say it goes together like perfect harmony. WARNING..PARENTAL GUIDANCE ADVISED. There may be explicit language:

Music Beat...

"She put her peanut butter in his chocolate, no he put his chocolate in her peanut butter--cupcake-that is"...Uh, yes, yes, ya'll. It's--the--Re--mix.


I know, sometimes I take things a little too seriously. But, its so much fun! Clearly, I draw inspiration from all walks of life. This one so happened to be "Hip Hop Reese's". Seriously. The idea was also inspired by Funny Bones, not the one on our body- that gives you that numbing sensation when you hit it and you grab hold for dear life- no not that one. The cake by Drakes. Remember?

I think they still make them, haven't eaten one in ages. It was two Twinkie-like shaped cakes (ya'll remember Twinkies-right?), but slightly smaller chocolate with peanut butter filling in the middle and chocolate coating on the outside. Just needed a tall glass of milk, and whew. It was on!

In this "new old" time, its all about the cupcakes, and peanut butter & chocolate are really something to sing about. If peanut butter is your strength and chocolate is your weakness, then together you'll be in perfect balance. Trust me!

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