hello cupcake

hello cupcake
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Coconuts, Coconuts, Coconuts

Calling all coconut lovers!!! If you love coconut, you should try the coconut cupcakes of the month. No really. Coconut flavor is all over this one! Let me explain, there's the coconut cupcakes, meaning there's actual coconut flakes in the batter. Yum. The creamy coconut frosting, the secret, coconut extract- uh-ha, yup-ever seen that ingredient in your local grocery? And of course, the coconut topping- just some prepackaged flakes I came across in the organic store. Seriously, this cupcake- is COCONUT HEAVEN. If you have any desire to go there, please by all means, indulge. You'll be cupcake happy! Even my husband, who's been watching his diet lately, but still remains the cupcake sampler, couldn't resist the second time around itch. Usually, my neighbors are the lucky recipients of my leftover Sunday goodies, but this time honestly, I kept them for myself. Well not totally, I shared with a few more family members. Their response, "more". So needless to say if you care to "share and bake," you'll-be-a-star!'

Happy Cupcaking!

posted by Nicole Friday for the Cupcake Craze

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