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hello cupcake
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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Beautiful "Eye"

Indeed, I am the "cupcake lady", so they say. I like to make, bake and create tasty bite size treats. The aroma of fresh baked cupcakes can be intoxicating. Friends even ask, what ya making this week? Recently, inquiring minds have asked, who takes those photos? They're beautiful!!!! It would simply be a story tale if I said, who else, but "I". "I'm a jack of all trades, I do it all, baby. I am both talented in front of the camera as well as behind". Not! What if I said, it was one of those famous fashion or celebrity photographers from Vogue, "O" Magazine or "In Style" like Matthew Jordan Smith, Ruven Alfanador or David Lachappelle, would you believe me? Perhaps. What if I told you, I bought them from a stock photo website, like "istock photo" or "getty images"- sound about right? Surrrrrre. I can not tell a lie, those photographers are too pricey, and photoland? Well, that would just be photo faking. Nah! This guy is on the brink, he's the next break out photographer- fresh, artistic, captivating and easy to find. That "guy" is my husband. Yup! Most of the pictures on my blog, and all of those featured on essence.com are those of my very own hubby. I know, he's quite talented! It does make life easier. Just call us Edith and Archie- cause we trying to keep it"All in the Family". Our roles are clearly defined. I am the recipe builder and baker. He is the art director, set designer, photographer, and let's not forget sampler. Yeah, we got the whole cupcake thing covered. Cupcak-ing over here!! So, my promise to you, is to keep bringing you tasty treats, and he'll keep making them look pretty!

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  1. As a Coconut and a Cream Cheese Lover you have put two of my favorite tastes together in such a beautiful way. Keep on "cupcaking".


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