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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Paula & Me" Season One

This past weekend I attended Food Networks Wine and Food Festival (http://www.nycwineandfoodfestival.com/). As a "foodie", I was in culinary heaven. It wasn't really that big of a deal, unless of course you are smitten by the "who's who" in the culinary world (no, I didn't ask for any autographs). Even, Ms. Stewart graced us with her everyday living flavors. Like her or not, Martha Stewart is the BOMB! Post lock down, she is larger than life. I happen to be a fan, not like a groupie, but, on a "woman to woman" level. She has the it factor. Admit it, she's fascinating.

Basically, I attended a few culinary demos and discussions. It was like the gates of "foodie" world opened up and said, "welcome." Nooooo problem. I opened my arms and slipped in. Behind my imaginary gates stood Martha Stewart, Racheal Ray, Paula Deen and Rocco DiSpirito to name a few. Amongst the demos, I attended, Paula Deen was my favorite. And, not for the cooking techniques. She is a hoot! Her demo resembled more of a stand-up comedy act than a culinary demonstration. Would somebody plee--eeezze call the promoter. She's ready! For what? A tour. Her food wasn't the only thing sizzlin'. "Y'all know" Paula Deen.

Aunt Peggy and Michael were there too. Ms. Deen encouraged the audience to grab the mic-state your name, and bring on the questions. Optimistically, I raised my hand. The microphone lady passed the mic.

First things first, microphone check 1..2..3

"Hi Paula, my name is Nicole, and I make the best creamy coconut cupcakes, and I would love to come on your show and make them for you." Her response, "you come on up here girl and give me your information." Suddenly, I found myself face to face on stage with Paula Deen in front of 500 audience members camera rolling and all, talking about "The Cupcake Craze." Shut-up! Pretty amazing-huh! Good thing, I was camera ready! Not only did I seize that moment, but I froze it. With me speaking into the handheld, and she into her wireless, we had our very own Q&A right on stage. We spoke about the company, the cupcakes, our homes, husband etc...and, I still gave her my business card. I went for it "Y'all". The outlet became mine and I plugged away. And, why not? After my "Paula & Me" season one episode, I quietly returned to my seat. The after show featured studio audience requests for my business card. Who knows what the future has to hold from that experience, but I do know the present was pretty darn- special.

posted by Nicole Friday for the Cupcake Craze


  1. love that you and paula made friends!! your cupcakes need to be on the public stage...i hope she realizes that soon!!

  2. Nikki this is great! I can't wait to see you doing your thing on the Food Network or on Oprah! :) I love it, following your passion. I'm making my reservations for my creamy coconut cupcake! Boy do I love coconut (almost) anything....ttul8t..xoxo

  3. Love this post! That's great! Go Cupcakecraze! Seizing the moment with sweets!


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