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hello cupcake
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why am I Jonesin' for a cupcake?

I know it's basically impossible to hide the joy of consuming a cupcake, somehow that mischievous smile seems to inevitably creep upon our faces. Could it be that tasty treats come in small packages and size really doesn't matter? With cupcakes, of course. Or perhaps it's the knowledge that underneath their immaculate exteriors lies a sinfully decadent experience beyond our wildest bake sale dreams. I don't really know. But they are delightfully irresistible. And, so much to choose from cupcakes are everywhere it's nearly impossible to avoid them-in the mall, downtown, street fair, department store and now even Starbucks, dare I have a grande caffe latte without the complimented side of a cupcake. Not a chance.
So I ask myself why am I Jonesin' for a cupcake again?
posted by Nicole Friday for the Cupcake Craze


  1. ok so why am I jonesin for some cupcakes now lol...can you have a cupcake party :)..was up darling I'm in NY...email me your numbers...xoxo Eb

  2. I've been jonesin for cupcakes two weeks straight. My ability to resist temptation was strong until I saw your chocolate mocha chip cupcake today. Now, I gotta have it!

  3. ok, so i'm jonesin for a cupcake too! i gotta have that chocolate mocha chip cupcake ASAP. i already printed the ingredients and i'm going to the store tonight. Hey, looking for a recipe for red velvet cupcakes and buttercreme frosting. let me know!.

  4. Dear YMCA group,
    Apparently you are not the only one who loves red velvet cupcakes according to my cupcake poll, 72% of the voters like red velvet the best. I will definitely post a red velvet recipe soon. Keep following for more info.
    Happy Cupcaking!!


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