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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cookies 'n' Cream

Some scream for ice cream, while others scream just give me my COOKIES 'N' CREAM!!!
Uh, that would be me. Whether it's in a candy bar or the all American favorite sandwich cookie, the combination is undeniably delicious. The ice cream flavor was my fancy. I remember when Haagen-Dazs first introduced us to their version of cookies 'n' cream. OMG!!! Did you die and go to heaven, or what? C'mon, admit it. I wasn't alone. Now, I don't know if it made the "people choice" awards, but it certainly was at the top of my list. For awhile, the parlor was the only spot that sold the perfect combo. I guess, like most things, it had to undergo a test market analysis, before phase two-- the supermarket. But it wasn't long before I was able to take my favorite treat (at that time) home with me in the brown pint size container with a glossy white top- slip it in the freezer- write my name on it, or a "for my eyes only" message. Perhaps in this case "for my mouth only", just to avoid any confusion. Admittedly, I was a bit stingy back then, but only for things I really LOVVVED!! Haagan-Dazs cookies 'n' cream was not to be shared. And, that was that!

These days, I'm all grown-up, and I still don't like to share my cookies 'n' cream. Sure, I'll buy you some. No problem. I guess I'm just a "personal size treat" kind of girl. One for me and one for you. Bon appetite!

Anyway, with the arrival of Fall, and colder weather. I tend to gravitate towards more room temperature goodies. Like- Cupcakes!!! So, last week for my Essence feature, I decided to do cookies 'n' cream. It was my way of bringing my summer favorite into the fall. And, you know what-- they were a hit!! The fluffy, crumbly devils food chocolate cake with cookie crunch frosting, topped off with half of an Oreo cookie-oooh, yummy.

This idea--a good one. Definitely, adding this one to my Cookies 'n' Cream list of favorites. Try it-- let me know how it goes.

Happy Cupcaking!

posted by Nicole Friday for the Cupcake Craze

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