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hello cupcake
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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Every so often I'll do a cupcake run. Basically to check out the competition. So, after a brief shopping spree at Bloomingdales (Lexington Ave, my Fav) the other day. I hit Sprinkles Cupcakes a block away. I opted to buy a box of six--to get a fair comparison: two red velvet, one black & white, two milk chocolate and one carrot. All the flavors were selected with family members in mind. Of course, I sampled each. The red velvet was for me, milk chocolate, my offspring, and the carrot was reserved for my partner in crime, my hubby. The the rest would be family style.

For me, the carrot was a little spicy--too much nutmeg and ginger, but the long strands of carrot were a fresh addition. The red velvet cake was moist, but the frosting--well, tasted a few days old, maybe three?! Not sure, just my guess. Black and white, that's chocolate cake with so called cream-cheese frosting--again, disappointing! My kids seem to enjoy the milk chocolate, but cupcakes and kids--who can go wrong? Admittedly, I've had a few baking disasters, needless to say, my boys' sideline commentary of "yucks" confirmed the results.

Back to the Sprinkles affect, so, we're in the car returning home and my husband who refuses to own up to his sweet tooth, yet always in search of his next fix, asked for a piece of a cupcake. I gave him the one with his name on it, the carrot. He had no major reaction to the taste. Not that I expected one. In fact, his exact words were: "babe your cupcakes are waaaaaayyyyy better than these." What can I say, "men?"--they always know the right things to say. Perhaps, there is an ulterior motive?! But, whatever!

About six minutes after hubby indulged the shredded crumbly carrot pieces, the ATTACK seized his internal organs and the invisible band began to tighten. Suddenly, my husbands face twisted reminding me of the exorcist or more like Sigourney Weaver birthing her Alien baby. I wasn't sure if I should grab the wheel, jump out of a moving vehicle, or simply ignore him. I settled on remaining calm and advising him to drive to the nearest rest area. Thank God there was one within a half a mile. Whew! That was close.

Needless, to say we won't "dine-in" or "take-out" from that cupcakery anymore. This was no random act of violence, eh-eh, this was PERSONAL, an accident waiting to happen, literally!

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