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Friday, March 11, 2011

Martha Cheats?

It was a shocking revelation. Earlier this week, I was watching the TODAY Show and the Goddess of "Lifestyle Everything" was the guest. None other than, Martha Stewart. She did a cooking segment. The feature was Pate-a-Choux, a french pastry dough. Think--cream puffs, profiteroles-(pronounced- pro- fit-ter- rolls), it took me a minute too! And, Eclairs. Yum!

For me, the best part wasn't her technique or the insanely delicious eye-tasting treats. Of course, whenever I see Martha, I'm in awe of her knowledge. Each time, I become a sponge absorbing all of the nutritional molecules surrounding her brain cells. Face-it, is there anything she doesn't know about baking, cooking, gardening, weddings, or entertaining? Apparently, so!
We're all aware that she's still in training for "insider trading". Sorry, your highness--couldn't resist.

Believe it or not, Martha uses CHEAT SHEETS!!! I know- CRAZY- right! If I didn't see it for myself- I wouldn't believe it.

Picture this...during the demonstration the camera zoomed in to get a better angle of Matt and Meredith participating as sous chefs. Martha stood off to the side. And, BAM- to the right of the dough bowl, was a 3 X 5 index card with blue recipe highlights. STUNNED--to say the least. Suddenly, I was nervous- why? Not sure. But, mostly excited, envious, reassured, and RE-LIEVED! If the queen, could have a few helping lines. Why not me? Would I have to join her fraud wagon? I wasn't ready to do time--eh eh. Besides, Martha already did her stint--she was good!

Seriously, if it was okay for MS. STEWART...


Or is there a double standard? Perhaps, I have more dues to pay. Although, I would be less conspicuous. Maybe even, write on my hand. Hmm...it worked in grammar school- or did you get caught? He-he!

The point is no one knows EVERYTHING, not even Martha Stewart!!!

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