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hello cupcake
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Friday, September 4, 2009

Cupcakes Gone Fishin'

This past week my family and I headed up north to Massachusetts for an almost Labor Day retreat (since technically the holiday isn't until Monday), we hopped on the ferry to the vineyard for some real R&R. If you've ever been to Martha's Vineyard you know exactly what its all about. It's quaint, cozy and charming. Everyone is on "soon come" time, the ultimate chill out spot. There's biking, boating, beach bumming or just hanging on circuit avenue. It's al--most perfect. Just one little thing missing CUPCAKES!!! Where are the cupcakeries on this God forsaken island?????? Shame on me, I just assumed the whole country had gone cupcake crazy. Apparently not! I couldn't find a Magnolia's or Crumbs anywhere. Needless to say, I was seriously jonesin', craving, longing, yearning- anyone of those nouns would be an appropriate description. You know when you want something really really badly and you can't get it--you want it even more. Right? Well, HELLO-that was me! I searched high and low from Oak Bluffs to Chilmark-NAA--DAA! ZILCH!! NOTHING!! Now, of course there was your average old-fashioned bakery--not the same though. I wanted cupcakes with adult fanfare- call me spoiled. Perhaps? While I came up short with my fix, I continued to obsess like a junkie, so I thought I would try a substitute. I'll bake some Nestle chocolate chip cookies (the new batch post the E. coli scare), I convinced myself that it would do the trick- Negative! Wasn't it. Maybe some cake- Nope! Didn't work either. I tried everything to turn my errrrrr's into ahhhhh's! I had one last idea...GO HOME!!!!

Four long days later, we returned home to my quaint, cozy, charming bite size treat. First stop-the nearest cupcake shop, please. This was definitely a food(cupcake) for thought trip next time I'll remember to bring my own batch!!

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  1. awww, poor you...sounds like a tricky place to exist in!


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