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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cupcake Determination

This past weekend turned out to be a busy one. I had to fill a cupcake order for Saturday, and of course my usual... Sunday baking for essence.com. If you haven't heard, the place to be on Sundays is my house, lots of cupcaking going on!

Anyway, back to the cupcake order. It was for an eight year old birthday party. A girly ice skate party to be precise, although I think boys were allowed, maybe her father, brother, perhaps grandfathers- at best three or four men were invited. The order was for 24 cupcakes, 12 vanilla and 12 chocolate with fluffy sugar frosting. And, yes the kids will be bouncing off the walls, but don't call me, because I told ya so. For any adults who wish to indulge in this sugar topping, childhood birthday cake memories will definitely be evoked. It's a kid thing, we wouldn't understand. Oh yes, and--there--was--one--special request--the skate motif. Uh-oh! Can't say that I've ever done that before. But, I figured it was a no brainer. I'll just visit one of the arts & crafts stores and stock up on a skate motif design, maybe even find a stencil- no problem. Uhhh, problem. I literally searched everywhere, and came up short, everywhere.

What do you mean not the season? I thought winter, spring, summer, fall. HELLO-heard of indoor arenas. You mean, I have to wait until the dead of winter to find skate art? I thought winter gear hit stores in July- isn't that the norm? Well, at least I have the vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. Normally, a minimum of 48 hours for cupcake orders is required, but if there are special requests (like a skate motif), then perhaps more time may be needed. Let's see it's September, gotta wait until its snowing- I guess January 15th should do the trick! Well, I know next time, fool me once. Less then 24 hours to go, I was determined to have a skate motif adorned on two dozen cupcakes. Time to consider plan b... go find Tonya Harding- I figured, whats she got to do? I didn't think it would be too much to ask, to play the mannequin for a couple of hours, isn't she still repaying her debt to Nancy Kerrigan? Ha-maybe, too controversial. What about, Michelle Kwan, the most celebrated figure skater in U.S. history- she'd be perfect for some charity work. My mother always told me to reach for the stars- well, here I go. So, after I returned to Earth. I figured I could make a stencil myself, wasn't sure how- but I could give it a try. After, the 10th try, I remembered art wasn't my major or minor in high school nor college. Help! Two hours later, 27 pieces of paper- I finally got it! The ice skate stencil was born. I was exhausted, stimulated, overjoyed, wiped out, pleased, tired, and just plain depleted. But, I still had to finish the cupcakes with less than 20 hours to go. Keep smiling. Finally, the order was complete. And after all that hard work, do you think she like the cupcakes? Nope. She loved them! Hard work really does pay off!

Happy Cupcaking!

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  1. I guess we will never call you a "quitter". The cupcakes look great. Is that colored sugar?


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