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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Cupcake Cure

Last night was a ruff night in my house. My little one 17 1/2 months old woke up around midnight after going to bed at 7pm. He was running a fever so I did what every mother would. I picked him up and held him until he felt better. With the help of a nice cool rub down, some water which he drank as if he had been in the desert for a month and a dose of Tylenol seem to do the trick. In total I was up for about an hour.

While I was half awake comforting my little one. My husband was having a mini cough attack in our bedroom. I wanted to check on him too, but kinda had my hands full already. I figured he could manage. He(my husband) was really tired last night and decided to turn in early. It's rare that he does that- usually I'm the one getting my much needed beauty rest but surprisingly- he was the winner of lights our last night. Anyway after listening to my husband gasp for air between every cough I heard the safety gate open, he proceeded down the stairs in search of some relief for his nagging cough, I concluded. Maybe some water, a cough drop, cold-eze or inhaler would do the trick. A few minutes later- complete silence. He must have found the cure, I say to myself.

Stay with me....

Quietly, I returned to bed. In desperate need of some more sleep- I pray...please no coughing, crying, whining, early morning potty trips or anything in between. Just sleep, I beg you until the sun comes up.

Fast forward to the morning...

My husband and I met in the playroom where we often congregate in the morning with the kids. I asked him how he was doing this morning. He said okay- but thought he may have a sinus infection. Briefly we discussed his coughing episode last night, I asked him what he had found downstairs to stop the coughing. And he replied genuinely, "I went downstairs for some cupcakes!" Needless to say....we laughed, and laughed. Who knew cupcakes could cure a choking attack?

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  1. Whoa......a new cough remedy. I'll have to try a cupcake to help with my insomnia. Do you think that would work?


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